I was watching the Arsenal v Stoke game on Sunday (no digs, please) and one of the ads that followed the half-time analysis was a Jaguar commercial featuring ‘Pot Kettle Black’ by Tilly & the Wall.

Jaguar & Gossip Girl - BFFs

I recognised it straight away as it has really distinctive riff and, more to the point, was used on ITV2 about a year ago to soundtrack a multiple-promo ad for US teen drama Gossip Girl, Celebrity Juice and Paris Hilton’s New Best Friend. Thanks to nifty little iPhone app Shazam, I was able to tag it that time around and figure out what it was within seconds.

It got me thinking about double-syncs in general. It’s more than likely the creatives behind the Jaguar ad did their research, knew the track had been used before but made a conscious decision to use it anyway – perhaps on the basis that the people watching at the time a teen drama/reality TV promo would be aired were unlikely to be the same demographic who would be watching during a slot appropriate for a Jaguar commercial – an FA Cup game – bar the occasional anomaly like myself!

So in this case, it was probably of little consequence. For a more musically visible brand, however…Read More