Yet another fantastic track from an Apple-related ad, this time for the Macbook Air in 2008 – although that isn’t where I grabbed it from this weekend (can’t be 100% sure what I was watching but Shazam says I tagged it just after 9pm on Sunday so I think it may have been Canada’s Next Top Model…?)

Yaël Naïm - New Soul

Yael Naim – New Soul

It’s very floaty, and “air”-ey (ahem)…and a bit playful – but, fairly oddly I think, it actually reminds me of the song used in a Surf ad a while back by Lisa Mitchell, Neopolitan Dreams, which has a similarly tinkly and playful feel to it.

New Soul is from Yaël Naïm’s self-titled album, which was released on French label tôt ou tard in October 2007.

Here’s the Macbook Air ad on YouTube if you didn’t see it when it  aired (ha ha…)