The two-ish months of overlap Alex and I had at Tonic were rammed with multiple references to this currently-living-between-Buenos-Aires-and-Paris-born-in-Chile DJ/Music Creator.

Matias Aguayo - Ay Ay Ay

He featured in Alex’s Top 10 tracks of 2009 (Desde Rusia), Alex’s Top 5 live shows of 2009 (Fabric) and was Alex’s Top album of 2009 (Ay Ay Ay) and yet it’s only now, after Alex has left us in pursuit of adventures in South America, that I fully appreciate the genius that is Matias Aguayo.

I think I can honestly say I’m addicted to this track:

Matias Aguayo – Rollerskate

Maybe it’s the unrelenting pace..the pulsating beats…the simple repetition…or the combination of an almost doo-wop bass vocal and brightly caricature-ish top line – but it’s been the soundtrack to my walk to work more than a few times this month and I can feel my face light up and my stride lengthen just a little whenever my iPhone on ‘shuffle’ decides to surprise me with it.

If he ever comes back here, I’m on it.