Los Zafiros - Bossa Cubana

Wonderfully theatrical accompanying vocal, odd bird audio effects and what sounds like maracas running the whole way through…it’s fantastic.

First heard in the office as an Alex pick – I could imagine this track in a scene from an old Bollywood movie (give me a second – I am going somewhere with this…) with the hero and heroine running through winding streets to escape the evil villain and his henchmen and somehow find themselves in a bar in Havana having to “blend in” with the local clientele to avoid detection.

Drama, romance, intrigue and an opportunity for a subtley choreographed dance routine…what I’m trying to say is this is what I’d imagine Cuban music to sound like.

Los Zafiros – Bossa Cubana

This track is from their 1963 album, Bossa Cubana, re-leased in 1999 on World Circuit Records. The label is also home to releases from Buena Vista Social Club whose members include Manuel Galbán, of Los Zafiros.