Howling Bells - Howling Bells

I’ve posted about Howling Bells before – but it was way back in March when I was writing less than 100 words at a time and not posting pictures…nothing like the long-winded jabberings I’m crafting these days! :p

Howling Bells – Across the Avenue

This is an earlier one, from the band’s self-titled 2006 album, Howling Bells, but has a similar layered, electric sound to Nightingale, the subject of my first post.

I was gutted earlier this year when they cancelled their UK date, I’ve been wanting to see them ever since I caught sight of their colourful album cover for Radio Wars at Baker Street station and really hope they come next year.

It’s the lyrics that drew me to the track – a little dark and very intense, longing and also confident in its message: I know you want me just as much.

Don’t listen to it too many times or it’ll go from passionate to a bit stalker-ish…following people across avenues and all…