Luce x 2

Luce x 2

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Day Three: Luce

It’s a sunny one for the final instalment.

This is a great track for when the sun isn’t shining but you wish it was…or for when it is sunny and you just want a soundtrack for your day…or for a rubbish day to remind you hasn’t always been rubbish and it isn’t always going to be rubbish…or for when you’re having a good day and want a song that says it explicitly.

Luce – Good Day

I came across it during my MySpace trawling a few years back, but it’s since been used in 13 Going on 30 (a reasonable 64%) and on the OC.

It’s a bit more pop than rock, I guess, but is still connected with high school in my mind.

I have their album but haven’t really listened to it much aside from this song. I think I’m going to revisit it – I’ve been listening on spotify whilst writing this and it’s very much feel-good californian pop.

More on their MySpace.