Reverie Sound Revue x 2

Reverie Sound Revue x 2

Ok, ok, I know it’s teen high school rock week and I’ll resume tomorrow, there are three, but I’m going to intersperse them with a couple of other bands I’ve come across this week.

This is the first of them, and is thanks to Seb – who seems to have caught me at exactly the moment when dreamy electro is where my head’s at. Specific tracks from Little Dragon, Phantogram…and now Reverie Sound Revue.

Reverie Sound Revue – MySpace

Their music is less impact-pop and more “amble around drinking in your surroundings”-pop. If you’re looking for a comparison, it’s along similar lines to Au Revoir Simone, but more layered and I prefer Lisa Lobsinger’s vocal (as well as her name!).

There’s quite a lot up on their page and my favourite of them has to be Rip the Universe – largely because of the light, slightly drum ‘n’ bass-y beat. You’ll hopefully know what I mean when you hear it.

The track doesn’t seem to be on their 2009 album, Reverie Sound Revue, released on Canadian label Boompa.

Reverie Sound Revue is an otherworldly exploration of pop music, drenched in reverb, a soundtrack for zero-gravity.”