Anyone know where can I get my hands on this music?

I was at Cafe OTO yesterday to see The Paper Hats, who was (it’s one man, not poor grammar) just even more excellent than I wanted him to be – the songs were recognisable but not note-for-note copies of the recorded versions, making the live show a true experience – but I can’t rave about him again as I’ve already written about him. So…The Mariner’s Children.

No artist description on, less than 150 plays, no website, no e-footprint on any other music site I usually use – nothing other than a MySpace page.

The Mariner’s Children – MySpace

The vocals are pure folk. Distinctive, powerful, passionate but sweet and thoughtful at the same time. The instrumentals are acoustic and natural (banjo, mandolin, accordian, glockenspiel alongside the more usual drums and guitars.)

Track of the night for me, was “Waltz For a Sleeping Lover”, which has a style that reminds me of Sam Amidon and his American prairie-folk sound, and also loved “It Carved Your Name Into The Ground” which has a lot more energy and vigour. In short: Every minute of it was excellent.

I’m so glad they’re playing again soon and that, purely by chance, I’m going. Here are their upcoming London dates:

27th October, Roundhouse Emerging Proms
3rd November, Ronnie Scott’s
11th November, Oh! Inverted World at The Old Queen’s Head

No picture, as no album.