It’s Monday morning, the week is shiny and new – and brimming with possibilities.

The Nextmen - Join the Dots

The Nextmen - Join the Dots

If you spot someone walking down Clerkenwell Road (or the equivalent near your office) with a swagger in their step, a glint in their eye, nodding and tipping their imaginary hat to the people who pass them by….tap them on the shoulder and play them this song. It was written for them.

The Nextmen – Round of Applause

The Nextmen are DJs/Producers Dom Search and Brad Baloo and this track features Dynamite MC – it’s from their latest album, Join the Dots, released in August this year but I found it flicking radio stations on my way home on Friday night.

Everyone should have a track like this.

Store it away for when you have a “Yes – I am the s**t” moment…or just need a little pick-me-up.

More on the MySpace.