Marmaduke Duke - Duke Pandemonium

Marmaduke Duke - Duke Pandemonium

It’s funny how sometimes things come up, you ignore them, the world feels the need to remind you again. Sometimes it’s something profound… sometimes it’s just a fun band.

Aussie lassie Kass (she’s currently in Scotland – I’m not just being odd) brought up Marmaduke Duke recently. I agreed with her that they were great – actually, her exact words were “this scottish dance / indie / random band ‘Marmaduke Duke’ who I have absolutely fallen in love with” :p – but didn’t investigate any further as I wrote a bit about Rubber Lover a few months back.

Then a couple of days ago, I was watching an episode of a fairly well-known but sometimes ridiculed teen drama that shall remain nameless (FYI – yes, I watch it), when I heard this track:

Marmaduke Duke – Heartburn (we7)

I only just discovered this but it would seem that Simon Neil goes by the name “The Atmosphere” when performing as one half of the duo known as Marmaduke Duke. That has potential as a superhero alter-ego!

Mild-mannered musician by day, life-protecting gaseous mixture by night…Simon Neil…is…The Atmosphere.

This is the first track from the duo’s second album, Duke Pandemonium, released on Warner in May this year. Based on the beatsy, dancey yet atmospheric* 80s-club style of the song, I reckon they could pull off a phenomenal cover of “Don’t Leave Me This Way” by the Communards…

*you know it had to be done!