Cake - Fashion Nugget

Cake - Fashion Nugget

I tried every legal music streaming site I could think of but couldn’t locate more than a 30s clip of this song. Until I tried we7.

If you’ve never used it before, it’s a kind of hybrid between spotify’s ad-supported desktop application and’s web-streaming – they use their “unique and significant “MediaGraft” technologyto fuse ads to the start (and finish, sometimes) of songs available to stream from their website. But enough about we7.

The song is:

Cake – Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

It’s from the band’s 1996 album, Fashion Nugget (available to stream, in full) but I have to admit that I hadn’t heard it until yesterday when, just as we were leaving Pure Groove‘s You the DJ event, it came on over the PA. All of us turned around and went back inside. :p

For me, this is a cover of the theme tune for the UK’s Friends equivalent, Coupling, but the original was actually called ‘Quizás, Quizás, Quizás’, and had Spanish lyrics written by Cuban songwriter, Osvaldo Farrés.

This cover is in the familiar, droney, conversational vocal style typical of Cake – and that’s not intended to be in any way derogatory – with a jazz-funk instrumental accompaniment.

I love them madly