The Quantic Sould Orchestra - Tropidélico

The Quantic Soul Orchestra - Tropidélico

Hmm…I think this is the same as the one feat. J-Live, but I’m not 100% sure. Featured on the 2007 release from exceptionally talented producer/DJ/artist Will Holland, who has performed under numerous guises (Quantic, The Quantic Soul Orchestra, half of The Limp Twins…), this track is jazz, funk, soul, latin, hip-hop thrown into a beach-bar blender with strawberries, some pineapple and a healthy dose of rum (no bananas please).

The Quantic Soul Orchestra – She Said What?

Oh yes – the 2007 release is called ‘Tropidélico’ and was on Brighton-based indie label, Tru Thoughts. This is just one of the 12 albums exhibiting his musical talents…ranging from electronica, to jazz, to funk, to soul…the contents of the rum cocktail above and then some.

His project for 2009 is Quantic and his Combo Bárbaro,

“A multi-cultural band of exceptional musicians giving an explosive sonic snapshot of the ever-evolving musical landscape of the Americas”

The Roundhouse

and they just happen to be performing at the Roundhouse tonight…

I’m very tempted to buy his entire back-catalogue, all his remixes and any album featuring a credit. If only I could remember where I put that winning lottery ticket….?