Oops – the second post intended for yesterday didn’t end up materialising as I got side-tracked catching up with The Wire. So here it is today instead.

Post War Years

Full album ‘The Greats and the Happenings’ and then some available to stream on last.fm and spotify.

Post War Years - The Greats And The Happenings

Post War Years - The Greats And The Happenings

If I’m honest, I have to say the recorded sound, although still extremely good, doesn’t do the live performance justice. I saw them at Ginglik (first time there, but this converted public toilet of a live music venue is a contender for my favourite in London) as part of Blue Flowers presents A Tribe Called West – a night that has previously featured acts including Flashguns and Stricken City.

The enigmatic and spacey indie-electro style of their music is almost hypnotic at times and they seem like really fun and charismatic lads – a theme that ran through their set was a mock-competition with questions ranging from “what is the name of the track we are about to play?” to “what does the drummer look like naked?”. Nice.

My favourite tracks are ‘Soul Owl’, ‘Whole World On Its Head’ and ‘Den’.

I could easily see them supporting Grizzly Bear or some other epic-type band at some point in the near future, or headlining their own show, but for now you can catch them at South East In East at the Vibe Bar on 3 September.