Two posts from me today. The first is a find resulting from some gig recommendations from Charlotte LV (thank you Charlotte!).

I’ve fallen in love with instrumental guitar music lately. First Truckers of Husk, then Rick Tomlinson and the associated Otis Taylor and now this:

The Paper Hats – Waltz of Circassian Beauties

The Paper Hats - Deseret Canyon

The Paper Hats - Deseret Canyon

It has such a pensive feel to it – a luscious green mountain pasture at sunrise. But not here – perhaps in Italy, or Spain…or…Mexico. It’s such a simple piece but also dynamic, and I particularly love the section from about 1min 50 where it takes a melancholy and erratic turn for about 40-50s (repeated later on).

The beauty of an instrumental, for me, is the potential for interpretation, for turning it into what it means for you personally, rather than relying on the writer’s expression.

This particular track is on ‘Deseret Canyon’, released in August 2008 but I was only able to find it as an mp3 download on Amazon.