I wrote about this band a while back, before I saw them at Camden Crawl in June this year, but they’ve since released a new EP, ‘Matching Hearts, Similar Parts’, on which this song features:

Flashguns – I Don’t Not Love You

Flashguns - Matching Hearts, Similar Parts EP

Flashguns - Matching Hearts, Similar Parts EP

Part of the reason I love this particular track has to stem from the geek in me – the use of the frowned-upon double negative so effectively makes my heart skip a beat – but it’s also just so energetic. The varying tempo and beats yield enough distinct parts for intense air-drum solos and the associated mid-stride pauses in anticipation of them when walking down the street.

They’re so young but you couldn’t tell from their stage-presence and tight live performances – although when they came on stage at The Underworld one of my fellow gig-goers did turn to me with a glint in his eye and ask whether they were the venue’s summer interns…

There’s a free download of another EP track, ‘Racing Race’, available from their MySpace which also says they’re playing an Artrocker New Blood session at 229 in September.