Public Enemies (2009)

Public Enemies (2009)

The reason this is coming up today is that I was at Cafe OTO last night with a few folks for an Alessi’s Ark gig – she was excellent, and extremely sweet, as usual – and the second act was a folk guitarist called Rick Tomlinson. He started playing a beautiful solo track which was similar in style to this one…and I was waiting for a vocal to kick in for about 5 minutes before I realised that it most likely wasn’t going to.

20 minutes or so of pure, unadulterated guitar solo. Epic is the only word. I literally felt like I was on my way to the most important gunfight of my life…pistols at dawn versus my life-long enemy somewhere in the Old West. Or at least I would have if I hadn’t been sitting on a sofa in cafe in Dalston.

It reminded me of this:

Otis Taylor – Nasty Letter

A TOBI recommendation, from the soundtrack to the movie ‘Public Enemies’. I think Michael Mann would love Rick.