Had a bit of a moment of nostalgia in the car yesterday when ‘Hungry Eyes’ came on the radio and I couldn’t resist the urge to sing along…luckily there was no one else in the car who could potentially be traumatised for life as a result! So I kept myself busy on the 10 minute drive to Rayners Lane to pick up my friend thinking of other, similarly cheesy tunes from my movie-childhood – and came up with the below:

1. Hungry Eyes (Dirty Dancing) – who could forget Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze in the scene that followed him putting her hand on his heart to feel the rhythm of the dance…? ‘Gu-gung….gu-gung….’. Classic.

2. Addicted to Love (Cocktail) – not on the official soundtrack, but by far my favourite song in the movie. I had an interesting conversation a couple of weeks ago trying to explain what a ‘flugelbinder’ is…

3. Take My Breath Away (Top Gun) – visions of fighter pilots and aeroplanes walking through fire-induced convection currents… (secret geek)

4. The Power of Love (Back To The Future) – not to be confused with the Céline Dion track with the same name. The DeLorean. It will be mine…oh yes… (see below)

I say, you do. No questions.

I say, you do. No questions.

5. You’re the Best Around (Karate Kid) – I’m actually laughing out loud listening to this…Mr. Mayagi – there will never be another.

6. Surfin’ USA (Teen Wolf) – All-over body hair never looked so good.

7. Do You Love Me (Teen Wolf Too) – Actually a pretty good sequel!

8. Show Me Heaven (Days of Thunder) – I remember being one of three of only a handful of people in the cinema when I went to see this. Excellent (horrible) karaoke number.

9. It Must Have Been Love (Pretty Woman) – I think I’m the only female I know who doesn’t love this ‘become a call girl, find the man of your dreams’ of a movie (what??! heinous.) but this song is wonderfully dramatic.

10. Foxy Lady (Wayne’s World) – Actually not that cheesy. “If you spew and she bolts…it was never meant to be.”

and finally…

11. God Gave Rock & Roll To You (Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey) – Bill S. Preston, Esquire & Ted Theodore Logan are…WYLD STALLYNS. Bodacious.

I’ll stop now or this could go on forever. Interesting how heavily Tom Cruise movies feature in this list…my new niece is going to love all of them.

I’m off to watch ‘The Goonies’.