It’s possibly fair to consider them one of the biggest bands on the planet right now, this was the first track I ever heard from Tennessee garage rock band, Kings of Leon.

Kings of Leon – Four Kicks

When the video first came up on MTV, I had to look again because I thought it was a new Aerosmith song – Caleb Followill’s vocals tricked me into thinking he was 90s rock veteran Steven Tyler.

Kings of Leon - Because of the Times

Kings of Leon - Because of the Times

They’ve made a heck of a lot of great music since the original release of that track in 2005 – credited with massive hits ‘On Call’, ‘Sex on Fire’ and ‘Use Somebody’ – but my own personal favourite KoL track is from their 2007 release, ‘Because of the Times’.

It’s a bit spacey and atmospheric without moving away from their clearly rock sound and the frantic and rhythmic drumming in the verses has a glitchy feel to it, which I really like…it’s also a great ‘you can do it!’ track – ‘McFearless’.

Over the past few years they’ve been turned from jeans & t-shirt wearing rock kids into a slick, styled, publicist’s dream of a band…and they still make rocking tunes. More on the MySpace.