Lying awake at 5am so thought I might as well do something mildly constructive.

First Word Records producer Kidkanevil’s creations range from the soulful vibes of ‘Stomp ft. Justin Percival’, to smooth R&B in ‘When I Dig ft. Kissey Asplund & Blu’ (both currently up on the MySpace) and the glitch beats of ‘Real Wild’.

Kidkanevil - Back Off Man, I'm A Scientist

Kidkanevil - Back Off Man, I'm A Scientist

His Album, ‘Back Off Man, I’m A Scientist’ was released in October 2008 and he’s currently on tour until August.

This track, in particular, would provide the perfect soundtrack to children skipping in a playground in a 1950s gangster movie…think “A Bronx Tale”.

Talk about broadening my music horizons…