As if TOBI doesn’t get enough kudos on this blog he’s whipped out another life-changing recommendation. I’ve been playing this track on repeat the last few days, as evidenced by my stats.

This song has such a dreamy electro vibe and a stunning vocal – the…#oh… I wish I could fly, through the sky and the moon above me# part, especially – but with enough edge to be more Superman-Lois Lane (or even Silk Spectre-Nite Owl, if they could fly) than the Snowman-boy in stripey blue pyjamas.

Sol Seppy – Slo Fuzz

The link is just a sample but the full track is up on the MySpace at the moment. London singer-songwriter and producer Sophie Michalitsianos is a former member of US indie band Sparklehorse, separately recommended to me by liketheboys (52 weeks. 52 musicvideos. 52 locations.) and most likely the subject of another post at some point in the not too distant future.