The Joy Formidable

Partly an excuse to mention the incredible Silversun Pickups gig I went to at the Borderline last night (a band that sells out stadiums in the US playing a 250-ish capacity gig. Frickin’ excellent.) but partly just because I was shocked by their awesomeness –

The Joy Formidable

It unfortunately isn’t very often that I go to a gig to see a headliner and rush home to look up the support act but the raw energy and passion of this band was infectious. I think there’s a bit of a gap in the UK rock scene for a kicking female-fronted rock group – I’m recommending this band as an alternative to the pop-infused chatterings of the Ting Tings (who also have their merits).

They’re offering part of their debut release, ‘A Balloon Called Moaning’ to download for free here (you can also access this from their MySpace) in return for an e-mail address…I think it’s worthwhile.

Ritzy’s vocals reminded me a little of Cerys Matthews but infinitely cooler – and she wore this ‘don’t mess with me’ stare for the bulk of the performance until the mentalist guitar throwing at the end of the set (there’s a clip of it on the MySpace).

Check out ‘Whirring’, ‘Cradle’ and ‘Austere’ in particular. Kudos also to drummer Matt and bassist Rhydian.

(Quick aside on the Silversun Pickups – incredible live, they’re reportedly back in September for some bigger shows, new album, ‘Swoon’ is out April 14. Big hello to aussie lass Kass who was my mosh partner – good luck with your budding indie film career!)

4 thoughts on “The Joy Formidable

  1. How did I miss that Silversun Pickups were playing at Borderline? Enjoyed The Joy Formidable. Good referal. Thumbs up!


  2. NISHA!!
    love your musings..
    thanks a million for being my buddy on the night of my life!! I will never ever forget that!
    I am also completely touched, that I got a shout out on your blog!! You just made my day!!
    (Just to let you now, I will now be a regular reader!!)
    Cheers Buddy!

  3. Where’s the pic, Kass?! And is your boyfriend green with envy? (of the one with Brian, not the one with me :))

    I’ll drop you my e-mail address – really fun evening. Thanks for reading!

  4. Thanks for mentioning the Joy Formidable. We love them. I just got my copy of the new 7-inch with the Welsh version of “Whirling” on the B side.

    I wish they would come to the States so I could see them play. It looks like a killer show!

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