My trusty friend Shazam didn’t recognise this one so I had to do a bit of digging, during which I came across this site. If you click on that, you’ll discover I heard this song on one of the final scenes of episode 8.10 of Smallville – “Bride” (not linking because I don’t want to spoil it for you too much if you haven’t seen it – but maybe don’t read on after the song description):

Vast – Don’t Take Your Love Away

Looks like it’s been used quite a lot; I’ve managed to find references to One Tree Hill, Scrubs and Veronica Mars as well as some manga…? But it’s a really emotive, angsty, US-atmospheric-rock-highly-suitable-for-teen-dramas track. And yes, I love it.

There’s no audio on the page but it’s up on their MySpace at the moment.

SPOILER (a bit): *Not sure how I feel about this episode…it’s a decent morality story with some cool superpowers and futuristic themes but brainiac-infested Chloe Sullivan just wasn’t as scary as the wicked wicca Willow Rosenburg…*