No Wyld - Odyssey
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    • No Wyld – Odyssey February 21, 2015
      If you’re looking for something that exudes strength, power, confidence, drama – this is it. Formerly known as “The Wyld”, No Wyld fuse hip hop, rock, orchestral indie from Auckland, New Zealand. There’s no mistaking the thinking behind the title for this epic journey of a track, released on Columbia Records in 2013 aspart of the … […]
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Andrea Balency - Deep Sunk

Andrea Balency – Deep Sunk

This was the first song I heard from 22-year-old part-Mexican, part-French, now living in Paris but previously NYC citizen of the world Andrea Balency. From her Walls EP released in June last year on indie label Bataille, the electronic shimmer surrounding the eerie, soft vocal envelopes the farewell of “Adieu Créature” in an incandescent haze. Currently in the throws of … Read more

Chaos Chaos - Winner ft.

Chaos Chaos – Winner

  Sisters from Seattle, Asya and Chloe Saavedra a.k.a Chaos Chaos featured on the On Repeat playlist in August last year, when I first came across their synth-tinged, dreamy electro-pop on their SoundCloud page in this track from their self-released EP, S: Chaos Chaos – Winner They’ve since released a follow-up EP, Committed to the Crime, the … Read more

Bleached ft

Bleached – For the Feel

If you’re not already subscribed, I’ve been posting 5 new and/or noteworthy tracks every week to the Storyboard Music “On Repeat” playlist – mainly aimed at folks in advertising & film for potential music supervision projects… but also just some great independent music. I’ve decided to use that to step up the Musings activity this year … Read more

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