Elliot Moss – About Time

If I’d posted this 2 weeks ago as I intended, it would have been a different song – still Elliot Moss, just not “About Time”.

I came across his music in early 2014, which was a shame as were it not for the fact that it was originally released in 2013, “Slip” would have featured in my top Tracks of 2014.

Since then, two dancers from everyone’s favourite dance show, So You Think You Can Dance, choreographed this beautiful and gut-wrenching routine to the song, further cementing the track as one of my firm favourites from his album, Highspeeds, released under exclusive licence to PIAS.

Then I saw Elliot Moss and his band play live at The Lexington last week and everything changed.

Recorded, the album is beautifully dark and somewhat pensive, blending synths and vocal effects to create textured melodies that still somehow manage to convey a sparseness that leaves you feeling like there’s more to the stories than he’s letting on, with an enigmatic subtlety.

Live though, live is another story altogether. He’s been drawing comparisons with the likes of Bon Iver and James Blake – we’ve already mentioned synths and vocal effects – but live, there’s much more of a rock / indie style to elements of the performance. Rhythmic drum accompaniment and electrifyingly loud guitars on a couple of tracks amplify the intensity and I was often left feeling completely surrounded by sound. Muse and Radiohead were mentioned.

Maybe I need some new headphones!

One of the tracks that stood out for me live was this one, and that’s why I’m sharing it here today. Here’s Elliot Moss, “About Time”:

Elliot Moss – About Time [amazon]

The 21 year old multi-instrumentalist and producer from New York is playing at London’s Moth Club again in December – get tickets now, it’s a contender for my gig of the year.

BØRNS – 10000 Emerald Pools

Sometimes it’s just as great to rediscover a song as it is to discover a new one – happened to me yesterday listening to a playlist on Spotify. I heard “10000 Emerald Pools”, needed to listen to it again, and listened a third time to feed the happy smile that seemed to uncontrollably spread to 50% of my face.

I’m getting that same feeling now as I listen to the floaty harmonious ‘oohs’ and imagining those Emerald Pools. It’s a lyrically sweet and instrumentally euphoric declaration of love – the steady driving bassline-led rhythm somewhat hypnotic.

I’m not guaranteeing it’ll have the same effect on your Friday afternoon – but give it a shot:

BØRNS – 10000 Emerald Pools

It’s not new – it’s coming up to a year old and has over 1.3M plays on SoundCloud – but it’s worth a re-listen. From “tree-house dwelling LA transplant” BØRNSCandy EP, and out on Interscope.

Plum – Calluna Vulgaris

Feel-good psych rock from somewhere in the United States – this song would feel right at home in a 70s coming-of-age hallucinogenic haze… or something starring Joaquin Phoenix (!!), but the term “throwback” just doesn’t do “Calluna Vulgaris” justice.

It’s only their third single release yet the Denver-based band sound like they’ve been doing this for years.

This track has a distinctly 60s/70s sound, as does the more Beatles-sounding “Behind Your Man” – and their online following seems to be in its early days, in the low ’00s rather than ‘000s, one can only feel, and hope!, that there’s much more to come from Plum…

Here’s the track:

Plum – Calluna Vulgaris

Listen and then go watch Inherent Vice.

The Liminanas – Tu es a moi

It’s impossible to avoid comparisons with Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg when you first come across this song from The Limiñanas – Lio and Marie Limiñana, hometown Cabestany in the deep south of France, formed the duo in 2009, not some time, somewhere in smokey early 1960s Paris.

The influence is unmistakeable, and in their own words,  “this is the music we’ve been listening to our whole lives” (The Quietus).

The song is from Down Underground – LPs 2009/2014 (2015), their double CD anthology:

The Limiñanas – Tu Es A Moi

If you’re intrigued by the idea of a song that features spoken-word French against the backdrop of the repeated word for a type of sausage, also take a listen to “Longanisse”.

The Limiñanas – Longanisse

Sultry, psychedelic French Garage Pop.

No Wyld – Odyssey

No Wyld - Odyssey

If you’re looking for something that exudes strength, power, confidence, drama – this is it. Formerly known as “The Wyld”, No Wyld fuse hip hop, rock, orchestral indie from Auckland, New Zealand. There’s no mistaking the thinking behind the title for this epic journey of a track, released on Columbia Records in 2013 aspart of the Abstract EP:

No Wyld – Odyssey

It’s rare to see artists releasing on major labels on Musings – this caught my ear firstly because it’s one for the morning power-up and secondly because I’m a huge fan of Woodkid and it’s impossible not to draw some kind of comparison between his sound, and “Odyssey”, particularly listening to the instrumental edit.

You’ll have heard Woodkid on various adverts over the past few years – “Run Boy Run” was used by O2 for their Priority Sports campaign in 2012, “Iron” has been used a few times, for Diesel – Only the Brave, on the Assassin’s Creed Revelations trailer and Peugot used a remix back in 2011.

You’ll now also have heard No Wyld on a McDonald’s Advert during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games.


Andrea Balency – Deep Sunk

Andrea Balency - Deep Sunk

This was the first song I heard from 22-year-old part-Mexican, part-French, now living in Paris but previously NYC citizen of the world Andrea Balency.

From her Walls EP released in June last year on indie label Bataille, the electronic shimmer surrounding the eerie, soft vocal envelopes the farewell of “Adieu Créature” in an incandescent haze.

Currently in the throws of releasing her new Volcano EP, she recently revealed “Deep Sunk”, premiered by THE FADER last week:

Surreal in its layering of lyrical vocals, atmospheric and percussive synths and non-lyrical vocal sounds the effect is something both ethereal and spectral. If this is where the EP is headed, bring on March 16th.



Chaos Chaos – Winner


Chaos Chaos - Winner ft.

Sisters from Seattle, Asya and Chloe Saavedra a.k.a Chaos Chaos featured on the On Repeat playlist in August last year, when I first came across their synth-tinged, dreamy electro-pop on their SoundCloud page in this track from their self-released EP, S:

Chaos Chaos – Winner

They’ve since released a follow-up EP, Committed to the Crime, the manifestation of a new-found resolve “to use real life things that happened that we don’t want to talk about” – yielding amore powerful and assured set of sounds.

Winner” still a firm favourite – look out for news of live shows, they’re headed to Austin for SXSW.

Bleached – For the Feel

BleachedIf you’re not already subscribed, I’ve been posting 5 new and/or noteworthy tracks every week to the Storyboard Music “On Repeat” playlist – mainly aimed at folks in advertising & film for potential music supervision projects… but also just some great independent music.

I’ve decided to use that to step up the Musings activity this year as it seems a waste for the playlist to only exist for a week and then disappear into the ether…

This week is the first in a new run of 5 tracks selected from the history of the On Repeat playlist – starting with this garage surf gem from one of my Ones to Watch for 2015 which was posted to the playlist in September of last year, when the EP of the same name was released on Dead Oceans:

“inspired by the sound of The Kinks, we even used The Kinks amp.” (Dead Oceans)

The band are called Bleached, they’re Jennifer and Jessica Clavin (with Micayla Grace and Bosh Rothman live) and hark back to my much loved Reality Bites (1994) and Clueless (1995) 90s era movie soundtracks.

Currently working on their second full-length, the follow up to 2013’s Ride Your Heart, I’m waiting for them to come over here for a live show… garage surf rock n’ roll post-punk for Los Angeles sunshine.

More tomorrow.

denitia and sene

Denitia and seneFirst came across lo-fi electro duo denitia and sene in September last year when I heard “side fx” from their EP with the same name.

Brooklyn-based, synth-heavy pop it’s effortless, smooth and infectious… if they were still making “Gossip Girl” it would almost definitely be featured on the soundtrack…

Two tracks for you from the same EP today:

side fx.


Chilled out, futuristic soul vibes with blips and beeps punctuating layered synths and some of the silkiest vocals you’ll have heard in a long time.

A full-length album and two EPs to their name since forming in 2012, as Sene puts it, “I’ve never been opposed to the idea of making pop music. Pop is short for popular. You can call it whatever you want, really.”.

So what if it’s only January… get them on your summer vibes playlist.